Goblin Arena

Welcome Warriors to Goblin Arena. Prepare you Clan for Battle, train your hero and crush your enemies.

Goblin Arena is a fantasy themed Action, Strategy and RPG Game all rolled into one.

We are currently well into development for the alpha version and we will be giving early access to all our supporters in the coming few weeks!

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2nd Jan 2018 РVersion 2 Now uploaded. Special thanks to EMAN0987 and Matt98sc for their great feedback. Changes include:

  • Scrolling – now smother, no stepping.
  • Hero Revival Counter displayed.
  • Gold income bar added.
  • Fix to enemy Hero, no longer skipping past units.
  • Unit hotkey hack fixed (used to be able to purchase units before unlocking).
  • Some unit and upgrade descriptions corrected.
  • Esc key now brings up the menu/pause option.

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3 thoughts on “Goblin Arena”

    1. Hi Lucas, Are you meaning Clan Wars 2? I will upload an unlocked version over the weekend when I get access to the archive file for you. It has been wiped from the website since being hacked a few years ago.

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