Goblin Wars Challenge 1 Video

A slightly long video of me trying to win the demo game on “Impossible Mode”. I failed, but it was fun!

Won’t be long and I will share the first access to subscribers, just tweaking a couple more bugs.

Looking forward to feedback in the coming days. Please share the word, the more testers the better.

Hope you enjoy the video.

12 thoughts on “Goblin Wars Challenge 1 Video”

  1. Not sure where to put this, but here are some things I’ve found while playing the demo.
    Hope this helps.

    Unit hotkeys don’t seem to work, could be that I’m not using a numpad. It would be nice to be able to remap all keys, and allow for mapping to Recruit, Tower, Upgrade… At the very least, menu should be mapped to esc. Tower, Upgrade, and spells should have hotkeys just like recruit does.

    The gold displayed when a unit dies doesn’t seem to match the actual gold gained.

    There should be more detail and clarification in several aspects. If units are going to have different speeds, then those speeds should be displayed. More info for spells. The Hero Abilities should say how much they increase damage, speed, attack speed, etc. (+30%) Exactly how reputation affects income should be clarified. It would also be good to show the income.

    The upgrade titles don’t always match and some go off the screen. Troll Might and Drake Greatness don’t match at all. Great Drake +11 does not make sense.

    The images of the troops in the Recruit menu overlap into the other troops, which is fine, but if the image of the troop is over the box underneath it, you can pick the wrong troop. To see this, hover the cursor over the hat of the mage, which is within the mage box. Clicking will produce a Boar Rider.

    I think you should be able to send out your hero even if they are recovering and also see its health while it’s within the castle. If this is not changed, you should at least not have to wait for your hero to recover if you return them to the castle with full health. Length of recovery could change based off of the hero’s health percentage or max health.

    While this is purely preference, I would prefer smooth side-scrolling instead of scrolling in chunks. Perhaps add an option for changing this in settings.

    Even with those things, it was still fun. Hope to see more!

    1. Thank you. EMAN0987 for such great feedback.

      We are currently fixing the scrolling to be a smooth scrolling option again. Not sure why we thought the stepped scrolling was a good idea. This will be fixed in the next upload.

      Will look into the key mapping, but definately the ESC key idea is a good one so will do this first.

      Will also look at the descriptions and bound boxes for purchasing units, not sure why the hotkeys are not working for you… was there any hotkeys that worked at all?

      Really like the idea of the Hero recovery and early resend. On the list for adding this option.

      Thanks again for your feedback EMAN0987!

      1. Tried on a different computer and the hotkeys work. Not sure why that is. I did find that you can spawn a unit before you have enough xp for it with hotkeys.

        1. Thanks EMAN0987 – Can you please confirm was it the same browser. If you experienced the hotkey issue, it might be something that may come up for players. Thanks for the hotkey early spawn pick-up. Fixed in the soon to be uploaded release.

          1. Hi Eman0987,

            I will be uploading an update tomorrow which includes fixes to many of your suggestions. Can you please confirm that scrolling worked ok in Safari? What version of Safari did the shortcuts not work in?


          2. Scrolling works. Hotkeys work on Safari version 11.02, but not on 12.0. However, these are on different computers, so it could be something else?

          3. Thanks Eman0987. Not 100% sure that is really strange. A bit hard to replicate until I get more data. Releasing Chapter 1 to Kong. Hopefully get some good feedback from there and some support too.
            Thanks for all your help.

      1. Thanks EMAN0987 – Worked out the issue relating to the Surrender – the counter to expand the menu relies on a counter that relied on in-game points and the first 30 seconds usually no points are earned. Fixed in the soon to be updated release.

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