Clan Wars 2 - Red Reign

Strategy Guide


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1.  Overview

2.  Units

3.  Heroes

4.  Upgrades





Clan Wars 2 is a fantasy offensive strategy game with defensive elements. The aim of each level is to conquer your enemy’s stronghold by amassing and sending armies of goblins and their allies against them. To lead your armies you are given a choice of heroes.

The three main areas you need to excel in this game to win are: Hero Progression, Field Dominance and Money Management.

Hero Progression

It is important to use your Hero as often as possible so that they level up. Each time the hero “levels up” they become much stronger and unlock their skills. A high level hero will be able to kill many powerful units time and again.

Remember that when a Hero is heavily injured it is best to return back to the Stronghold to be healed before dying as recovery is much shorter.

Field Dominance

Early on and throughout the game you want to ensure that the battle is being held on the enemy’s side of the field as this will ensure that you receive more gold and experience for each death of ally and enemy units. From the beginning of the game send out as many slaves, archers, soldiers as possible. Keep pushing your enemy, this will result in a much better chance of winning.


Money Management

Be selective in what you spend your money on. Don’t spend money on upgrades for units you won’t use. Similarly if you are dominating the field don’t spend gold on upgrading your tower defences (you can do that later if needed). You will earn an interest on gold that you currently hold so you don’t have to spend everything at once.

The interest rate can be upgraded further by using your skill points (after a level is finished) and can be used as an advanced strategy, if money is managed well, you may be very wealthy which is advantageous so that your favourite units can be upgraded to a much higher level.






The slave is a very basic and weak unit. At the beginning of the game this is all you can use due to limited experience. They are only good against similar weak units and for defending archers. It is still important to send out as many Slaves as possible as soon as the game begins to ensure that you kill the enemy’s slaves closer to their base as this gives you more gold and more experience.




TYPE: Light Melee

HOT KEY: ‘1’



Goblin archers are weak but very useful as long as they are well protected by melee units. Once a group of archers are gathered together they are a significant advantage against weaker melee armies. But they need to be protected at all times so don’t let your melee units dwindle in favour of too many ranged units.




TYPE: Light Ranged

HOT KEY: ‘2’





 The soldier is stronger than a Slave and adds greater defense for archers as they can absorb more damage. However they are still a weaker unit which is good for early stages of battle but are no match to stronger units. Keep building soldiers until the Assassin becomes available.




TYPE: Light Melee

HOT KEY: ‘3’



Fast and more lethal than Soldiers. Assassins have a small advantage they can do double damage! Studying the backstab skill also increases the Assassins chance of double damage against units which makes them a great beginning unit.




TYPE: Light Melee

HOT KEY: ‘4’








Are fantastic upgrade units from archers, much more damage and much more health, a group of these can cause devastation against weaker melee armies. Make sure that they are defended by Assassins or Wolf Riders when available.




TYPE: Light Ranged

HOT KEY: ‘1’


Wolf Riders

This is the first mounted and medium armoured unit. Against all lighter units this is a much more powerful melee unit being able to destroy many weaker units by itself. An army of these supported by ranged units are to be feared.




TYPE: Medium Melee

HOT KEY: ‘6’







Spider Riders

A lethal ranged and mounted unit. High HP with higher damage than wizards. They also poison their targets with their spider poison tipped arrows making a unit die slowly even after the spider rider might have died. Spider riders can be the end of a fleeing hero as the hero can do nothing to stop the poison that might end him before reaching the stronghold for recovery.




TYPE: Medium Ranged



Lion Rider

This is a special unit that requires research. The lion rider is primarily a melee unit as the lion itself will scratch and bite at the nearest enemy. However if the lion is still waiting for its chance to attack the goblin can fire arrows ahead. The combination ensures that the lion rider causes the maximum damage possible whilst being alive. The lion rider is slightly weaker that Wolf Riders but in larger numbers have a huge advantage. Further to this the Elite Lion Rider can be researched making a much stronger and powerful unit that can easily kill Wolf Rider/Spider Rider combinations.




TYPE: Medium Melee/Ranged






Fire Drake

The Fire Drake is a Heavy Melee Unit that can take a lot of damage and are best used as a cheap defence for your ranged units against bigger units. They also do moderate damage and can be upgraded in both HP and Damage at the same time. Fire Drakes are great when used with a combination of ranged units as their HP is much higher for the gold price. However their DAMAGE is not much more than the Wolf Rider so by themselves there will be no quick victory.




TYPE: Heavy Melee



Lava Golem

Lava Golems are very strong Melee units with high HP and High DAMAGE. They are expensive units however so spend money on these wisely or there won’t be a good return on investment unless they are successful in killing a lot of weaker units first. Lava Golems are like moving brick wall defences for your ranged units so take advantage of their high HP.




TYPE: Heavy Melee








The Troll is the ultimate ranged unit that throws boulders against their enemies. This unit is very expensive but as long as they are protected are worth every gold penny! Trolls in high numbers are nearly unbeatable as they hurl multiple boulders at a time. Damage is very high and HP is additionally HIGH making this unit a perfect weapon as long as you have enough gold to support it with defense from melee units.




TYPE: Heavy Ranged



Dragon Rider

The Dragon Rider is the most expensive and only flying unit in the game. Causing huge damage and also gifted with lots of HP make this unit a fantastic weapon of destruction. No Melee unit can hurt the Dragon Rider so it can kill vast number of units without even being scratched. The weakness however is larger armies of ranged units and the enemies stronghold defences. Used as a combination with ground units this is a perfect support unit that will cause havoc against your enemy. As the dragon is hard to control each player can only manage 1 Dragon Rider at a time.




TYPE: Heavy Flying Ranged






The Warlock is a ranged Hero who fires fireballs at enemy units. This is a great advantage as it means he can stay out in the battle much longer as a support unit. He also has the ability to cast invulnerability for a short time which is perfect for facing off against other heroes or making an assault against the enemy stronghold. Also rapid fireball is great against large number of units or to finish off an enemy hero.


The warrior is a melee hero unit. His most unique ability is to be able to knock back enemy units either straight into the air or directly into the ground, this not only stuns the enemy units but pushes them further back allowing your hero to easily pass through the melee defences to reach the weaker ranged units. Other ability is stomp which stuns all surrounding ground units for short time and lastly he has a ranged rapid fireball attack skill.

Beast Master

The Beast Master has the ability to Morph into a lion which dramatically increases his speed, HP and damage. This is a great ability to charge into battle or chase down fleeing heroes. Other ability is stomp which stuns all surrounding ground units for short time and rapid fireball attack.




Dragon Guard

The Dragon guard were Elite Goblins chosen to train and watch over Dragons, they are the strongest and most lethal goblins and thus entrusted with this dangerous task. Over-time the goblins were affected by the Dragon Magic and began to mutate to become more and more like the creatures they watched over. Dragon Guard is a much stronger hero than others, he has more health and the ability to do two types of rapid attacks, the first is rapid melee attack which helps him cut through vast amounts of enemy units in blitzing time and the other is blade furry as he throws spinning blades at blazing speeds.

Elite Assassin

Trained by the most cunning of dark Goblins the Elite Assassin has lightning reflexes, speed unmatched and deadly skills with the bow. The Elite Assassin shoots arrows from a longer distance making him the most difficult hero to kill. He has the ability to fire rapid arrows into the enemy’s ranks wiping out whole armies in a short period of time. Other ability is stomp which stuns all surrounding ground units for short time.



Upgrades are managed outside of each level. After each game you will earn experience points and hopefully increase in level. For each level gain you are awarded 3 ability points. You can use the ability points for the following:

Kingdom Advancement:

·         Thrift – Increases the starting gold by 50 per upgrade point.

·         Masonry – Decreases the cost of stronghold upgrades by 5% per upgrade point.

·         Fame – Decreases the unit cost by 5% per upgrade point (I RECOMMEND MAX THIS OUT)

·         Vault – Increases the interest rate for gold current on hand.

·         Training Master – Reduce the unit upgrade costs by 5% per upgrade point.

·         Fortitude – Improves Stronghold HP and Recovery Rate

·         Wisdom – Increases game start-up experience (So you can hire Archers & Soldiers straight away)

·         Presence – Increases reputation points by 50 per upgrade point (I RECOMMEND THIS!)

Hero Mastery:

·         Hero Health – Increases the hero’s base health by 50 per upgrade point

·         Hero Wisdom – Increases the hero’s start-up experience by 500 per upgrade point

·         Hero Critical -  Increases the hero’s chance to do double damage by 5% per upgrade point

·         Learned Hero – Increases the hero’s experience gain rate by 10% per upgrade point

·         Hero Vampirism – Adds 3% vampirism (damage that returns to the hero as health) per upgrade point. (I RECOMMEND THIS!)

Unit Research:

·         Assassin Backstab – Gives Assassins +20% to do +100 damage per upgrade point (REALLY GOOD WHEN MAXED OUT – MAKES ASSASSINS GREAT VALUE DURING EARLY STAGES)

·         Unlock Lion Rider – Unlocks the lion rider (requires 2 upgrade points)

·         Unlock Golem – Unlocks the Golem (requires 2 upgrade points)

·         Unlock Troll – Unlocks the Troll (requires 3 upgrade points)(RECOMMENDED)

·         Unlock Dragon Rider – Unlocks the Dragon Rider (Requires 4 upgrade points)

Spell Research:

·         Fist Power – Increases Mighty Fist Spell Damage by 30% per each upgrade point

·         Grow Spell – Increases units health, damage and size.

·         Spell Meteor – Rains down meteors on your half of the field. A powerful defense.

·         Blood Lust – Blood Fog covers the land giving all your units 50% more attack damage.

·         Heal Spell – A Healing Fog covers the land healing your units +50 health per second.